Who we are:

Better Bodies Osteo is a small Christian family owned business, run by his wife Stef. They have three beautiful kids, Aelah, Aria and Azaiah. Aria and Azaiah are just as loud and adventurous like their older sister Aelah. Like every other family, life can be busy with a lot going on. However, they always find time to spend quality time together, from going to church on Sundays, to playing with the kids at the outdoors, or just watching a movie on Netflix and enjoying a large bowl of popcorn!

What we are about:

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Here at Better Bodies OSTEO, our goal is to relieve your aches and pains (get you back on track as soon as possible), BUT we aim to improve your overall general health and well-being as well. In fact, this is part of the reason why the name 'Better Bodies OSTEO' was chosen, because we also address things like your posture at work, lifestyle habits, diet and medication, such as antibiotic use which negatively impacts your gut health, or medications that can alter your magnesium levels.


We may pick up on potential vitamins and minerals that you may be lacking, and even suggest natural supplements that you may benefit from. We believe that improving all aspects of your health (not just the painful area), leads to a better body and a better quality of life. Ray and Madeleine will improve your function and increase your mobility, which will help your performance in sports and daily activities. Furthermore, less headaches and less brain fog will also improve your work performance and ability to concentrate and basically have a better quality of life. 

Better Bodies OSTEO opened in February 2017. Again, as the name implies, we treat the whole body, not just back and neck pain. Some of the best results have come from treating the problem area AND further afield, as the body is very good at compensating. For example, if the neck is sore and restricted, a patient will turn their shoulders to look around. This happens naturally as it compensates. The body has many compensatory mechanisms that often need to be addressed and treated to speed up recovery.  This is why we look at the body as a whole and treat accordingly.

Your osteopath will refer you on to another medical professional if your complaint is out of his scope of practice. For example, a meniscus tear in the knee that is unlikely to heal with osteopathic treatment will be referred (at no charge) to an orthopedic specialist to review/investigate. Instead of wasting time for a couple of months (as some patients have experienced elsewhere) we strive to excel at providing the most effective patient care, which means putting you in the right hands if we are not seeing the progress that we expect to see. Most people improve within the first couple of treatments.











Better Bodies OSTEO has two clinics, one on the North Shore in Albany, Auckland and the other is on Finlayson Street in Whangarei. Being located in a gym at both locations, we tend to see many athletes who have injuries, who also get treatment to improve mobility and to increase their functional performance. Ray and Madeleine also see many office workers with rounded shoulders, upper back and shoulder tension, neck pain and headaches, as we are surrounded by businesses. However, people of all ages and backgrounds have experienced the benefits of being treated by an osteopath. Most people move and feel better within the first one or two treatments.

We look forward to meeting you.

From the team at Better Bodies Osteo.

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