Your Osteopath:

Raymond Daniels

Ray decided to study osteopathy after seeing an osteopath himself, due to

an injury and ongoing back pain. Ray was impressed with the osteopath

who helped him get back onto the rugby field. He was very interested and

became a 'student for a day', where he was able to see what he would

commit to for the five year degree.

After graduating with a Master of Osteopathy degree, Ray moved to

Whangarei, where he saw and treated a wide range of complaints and age

groups. From farmers to office workers, to athletes trying to compete at a higher level, to the older generation. Ray also became involved with the Whangarei Boys rugby sevens teams.


Ray quickly built a strong rapport with people in the community who benefited from his treatments. His personable approach, easy going nature and passion for finding the root cause of any complaint set him apart from others. He strongly believes that the body works as a unit and can be affected by other areas in the body. Ray found his time up north extremely valuable, being exposed to wide range of complaints (people of all ages and professions) and got a lot of 'one on one' teaching from a very experienced osteopath who has been practicing for 35 years!

Ray loves his sports. He has competed at Nationals for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Rotorua Nationals for Sevens and been part of the wider ITM Northland Squad. He also enjoys the outdoors and is a family man. Ray works closely with the personal trainers at the gym and Richie Patterson - an Olympic Weightlifting and Strength Coach, Crossfit Coach and proud owner of Functional Strength HQ.

Ray holds a current Annual Practicing Certificate with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand and is an ACC registered provider. If you would like to check out some free videos of how to alleviate neck pain or back pain, or improve your posutre, click on the Better Bodies OSTEO Facebook page (link below) and give some of these mobility exercises a go!

Clinic Location:

7A Piermark Drive,


North Shore,

Auckland  0632

(Located in Functional Strength HQ)

Ph: 020 409 44889


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