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Osteopathy, Workplace Presentations & Manual Handling 


At Better Bodies Osteo, we understand how debilitating musculoskeletal pain can be. That's why we offer individually tailored treatment plans to help you find the root cause of your pain and improve your function and mobility. Our professional osteopath is equipped to handle a comprehensive range of complaints, ranging from acute pains, to repetitive or postural strains that can cause stiffness, tension and headaches.


Most people will move and feel better within a treatment or two, unless there are some underlying reasons such as structural damage or arthritis, for an example. If this is suspected, your osteopath will refer you on for further investigation, imaging or a referral to a specialist.

Multidisciplinary Approach:

If your condition plateaus, or we do not see continual progress as expected, you will be referred to another medical professional at no extra cost. For instance, a meniscus tear in the knee that is unlikely to respond to osteopathic treatment would be referred to an orthopedic specialist for further assessment. Rather than delaying treatment for months—a situation some patients have encountered elsewhere—our goal is to deliver the most effective care promptly. This includes referring you to the appropriate specialist if we do not observe the expected progress.

Workplace Presentations & Manual Handling

In addition to hands-on osteopathic treatment, Ray conducts workplace assessments and presentations within the corporate sector, focusing on optimising the workplace setup. With his extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, Ray addressess the common issues of poor posture and poor ergonomics, which frequently leads to pain and discomfort in the upper back and neck, increased tension, headaches, and decreased employee productivity. Employee awareness, education and having practical tools to manage these aches and pains are key. 

Additionally, Ray delivers presentations on manual handling to reduce the risk of injury within the workplace by teaching employees correct lifting techniques, how to maintain strong postures, and how to avoid positions that may lead to injury. Workplace injuries can lead to time away from work, doctor visits, and appointments with physiotherapists or osteopaths.


Traumatic injuries, such as a herniated disc, may require extended time off work and imaging like X-rays or an MRI to confirm a diagnosis. On rare occasions, workplace injuries can lead to long-term absence, affecting the company through a reduced workforce and increased ACC levies. Ray's role, is to mitigate these risks, saving the company time and money, as well as boosting company productivity. 

Minimizing the risk of injury in the workplace and optimizing the workplace set up to improve employee productivity.
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